Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better mouse trap.. or pizza oven building jig thing...

When building one of these pizza ovens… you know you just can’t go down to “Pizza Builder’s-R-US” and pick up special tools to make these things. So I am studying what others have done to build their ovens at What a great site! One tool people have come up with is a special jig called the Indispensable Tool. It basically is a jig that is used to keep each and every brick at the same distance away from the center of the floor as you build the walls up and over in a perfect dome. This tool I built has the ability to adjust, it is closer to the center of the floor keeping it a truer dome. My good friend Whitney was gracious enough to lend me his welding abilities to build my jig. It’s going to work perfectly. I also added a foam pipe insulation layer help keep stray/falling mortar from gumming up the threads. Cheap solution but very, INDISPENSABLE!! The walls start next!

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