Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better mouse trap.. or pizza oven building jig thing...

When building one of these pizza ovens… you know you just can’t go down to “Pizza Builder’s-R-US” and pick up special tools to make these things. So I am studying what others have done to build their ovens at What a great site! One tool people have come up with is a special jig called the Indispensable Tool. It basically is a jig that is used to keep each and every brick at the same distance away from the center of the floor as you build the walls up and over in a perfect dome. This tool I built has the ability to adjust, it is closer to the center of the floor keeping it a truer dome. My good friend Whitney was gracious enough to lend me his welding abilities to build my jig. It’s going to work perfectly. I also added a foam pipe insulation layer help keep stray/falling mortar from gumming up the threads. Cheap solution but very, INDISPENSABLE!! The walls start next!

Floor of the Pizza Oven in

Getting ready for the walls of the pizza oven in our outside kitchen we are building ourselves.(Well.. Peggy is offering moral support.. too much math involved in this. Oh and backbreaking lifting too!!) Once the two insulative layers have gone in, the 2 inch fire brick laid in a herringbone pattern goes in for the floor.

I was racking my brain how to make an exact 42” circle to use as a my template for the walls…. I thought I was going to have to make a special jig, or use string (tried that, not so good as your pencil can pivot etc..) and the guy at Home Depot just said get a couple of cheap yard sticks and drill yourself a hole at the points you need. Brilliant , BRILLIANT! That worked perfectly!