Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pizza oven waiting game.. (sing along) Anticipaayaayaation!!!!!

Wow, in the summer time, the forms would have been off by now. However with the cool weather, Rosario says we should keep them on for full week! Just went outside and it's still pretty wet!! Will be interesting to see if any critters from the property land, jump or fall into it overnight! This indeed is the bottom of the top! The dome is next, but tomorrow I am putting up the kitchen walls. The Pizza oven is a corner unit and the walls but up against the sides... hence the funky shape. NO wasted space on the counter tops.

Forno di Poggio... it begins

For years along with the house, Jim has been planing the outside pizza/pane oven and cucina, now that cooler weather has arrived, it's time to start the project!!