Sunday, August 3, 2008

Molto secco... e caldo!

Another weekend of fun with the shed. This week was finishing calking, priming and 1st coat of paint. This will be a multi step process that will have many layors of paint. Peg's job is the subsquent faux layors, Jim will prime and paint eves and facia with dark brown to match trim on house. We are locating the same tiles for the roof as the house, and trying not to order new ones. Maybe recycled from other house projects??? HHHmmmmmmm.. THAT is very green! Until then, it is dried in and ready for some interior electrical, lights and HAULIN' IN THE STUFF! WOO HOO! A WORKING SHED!! ok.. sorry. paint first... then we pack it!!!!!!! ;)

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Ben said...

The shed looks great!!! One question... Is it air conditioned? Jim needs a place to hide when he's in trouble with the missus!