Monday, July 14, 2008

A Rasin' in the Sun

Jim's friend, Whitney & Peg's dad, Warren, came out to help kick start the shed framing on Saturday. Lordy, was it hot. I think it was about 103 by the time we wrapped up for the day at 3p. We went through over 5 gallons of drinking water, with barely a bathroom break among us!

On day 2, Sunday, Jim & Peg finished framing around the windows and the door. Jim completed the OSB sheething, cut out the windows, and hoisted a few of the roof rafters. A little cooler today, only about 102 or so.

The shed is 12 x 16, and the wall height is 10'. It has two windows on the west wall, and one on the north wall. The door is on the south wall and is full glass. The east wall has no windows so we can store from ceiling to floor there and to keep out the morning sun.

The shed will have electric and water hookups, just in case we want to use the building for some other purpose down the road. Here's the view from one of the west-facing windows.


debik said...

Oh my, you two really do have a
project 'problem' ! ! Good thing
you have 8 acres to fill up, lol.
I know, why don't you help me
build my place ? ?

Nice pics... I've been waiting
patiently for an update! Thanks...


jimbo said...

Hi my name is Jim, and I haven't started a new project in..... 12 hours. (hiiiii jiiiiimmm)
Oh yea.. I know. I know!