Thursday, July 31, 2008

Panini for your pleasure, please!

Panini's from a local Chef and Spokesperson
for the Texas Beef Council, Tiffany Collins.
This recipe is from Tiffany's new book,
200 Best Panini Recipes. Excellent Book!
Get it HERE.


jimbo said...

Jim's friend from Albuquerque writes:

I like the photos of your panini sandwiches so much that I need to know
where to get one of them there pressin' machines. What kind is yours?
Would you recommend it, or perhaps one w/different features? Where
would one purchase such an animal at a really good price? And finally,
will you and Peggy come to our home and construct said sandwiches for us???


jimbo said...

We have a Breville IKON Panini press. It was a give we received and just broke it out when we moved in. It's the one Opra recomended on her show and get's super hot. As for price, Panini presses can be found at any big box store these days. Heck I saw one at Home Depot yesterday! If you get one, get one that the grills come off for washing..that would be handy. And one that gets super hot too. That's the key.