Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ciao, mudhole!

Seven dumptruck loads of decomposed granite, four loads of roadbase, and a load of topsoil later; we're one step closer to completing the first phase of the landscape plan. We now need a nice rain to rinse the dust off the gravel and it'll be neat and clean and slightly lighter in color than you see in these photos. The next project is to fence in a small area on the north side of the house...well, small given the scale, but it will be a generous-sized yard by city standards. I think it is something like 50' wide by 70' deep. Mark and Keith are coming by to raise the entrance gate and panels by about 4" - now that the grade is higher. To start, we have two beds to plant; one adjacent to the entry, and another covering the septic tanks. That bed alone is about the same size as a standard front yard in town.

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