Saturday, January 19, 2008

In da hood...

Our kitchen was designed around two elements, the view and the vent hood. You may have seen the antique we found earlier in this blog . This particular day however was the day that the idea became reality. We took this antique fireplace chimney and had it fabricated into a new vent hood for our kitchen. It's old copper with a nice aged patina, but the inside was fabricated with new stainless steel insert and the fan blower in the ceiling above. We only got one shot to cut it and get it hung right... and as you can see it worked!! Whew! There is a nice little rail around it to hang utensils on as well. No matter where we are in the kitchen, we are not far away from an awesome view, both inside and out. Steel guys came to pop up the gate and our railing outside the master bedroom.

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