Sunday, November 18, 2007

Naughty Alder

Tee, hee! Did I say naughty? I meant KNOTTY... While I was away at the ASHA convention in Boston this week, the cabinets were delivered and installed and the trim carpenters installed the interior doors and began work on the trim - all in knotty alder. The Selina Gold Limestone for the kitchen countertops has been recieved at AG&M and will be delivered to Alexis Granite early this week. We've selected Behr 'off white' for the walls and 'swiss coffee' for the ceilings. I know this doesn't sound very imaginative on our part, but it is in keeping with the Tuscan farmhouse asthetic. Jim will be looking for a large, deep sink for the laundry room this week, and we'll need to decide on a finish for the woodwork.

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Dad said...

WOW ! ! ! ! Going GREAT !