Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good House Parts

Things are really begining to take shape now that the drywall is going up. Team Zavaleta will be adding wall and ceiling texture early next week and we should have doors, trim, and cabinetry in by Thanksgiving. It is unusually warm for November. Today the temperature should top out in the mid-80's; but at least it's nice and breezy. The air circulates right up the stairwell, just as it is designed to do. It's called a thermal chimney effect - cool air enters through the doors and windows at ground level; then, as it rises up through the stairwell, it pushes any warm air up and out of the windows in the tower room at the top of the stairs.


Carol said...

Hi Jim & Peg,

The house is AMAZING! It's really taking shape inside. Won't be long now until you're living in it!
(You've gotten a whole house built in the same time that we have been waiting for a quote on our roof from our contractor.)
Can you guys give me any tips for finding another contractor??? We need someone who actually WANTS to work. Just email me when you can. Thanks!
Carol & Mark
PS We are really enjoying watching your house come together.

Ben said...

Jim has the same effect in his head between his ears.

jimbo said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm... thinking...

Thanks Carol. Drywall up, texture done (with a few touch ups) trim and cabinets arrive Wednesday. Trim should go up in a few days and cabinets installed plus interior doors too.


Ted Smith said...

Sellena Gold? Wasn't she a jewish Disk Jckey that I knew in New York? Anyway, we will be ready to move in as soon as we sell our dump and move into Poggio Secco

Ted Smith said...

Second Time! I said I knew Sellena Gold as a Jewish Disk Jocky in N.Y.C. Ted Smith