Friday, November 23, 2007

Cantera fireplace surround

Ugh! We spent all morning lugging more tile out of the mobili mini and up the hill to the house. Our arms and brains feel just like jello. The cantera fireplace surround was installed today - it matches the columns outside but the colors are a little more muted and neutral. After the adhesive sets up, they'll add mortar to the joints. Nick came by to estimate the amount of interior paint needed. He thinks 5 five-gallon buckets should about do it. We choose Provincial (211) stain by Minwax for the woodwork. Nick is working on a big project right now, so he recommended we go ahead and have the tilework done in the meantime. He thinks he'll have our house completely painted & stained in 3 days. The house he's painting now will take him 1.5 weeks. Jeeze, the thing must be enormous.

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