Friday, November 23, 2007

Cantera fireplace surround

Ugh! We spent all morning lugging more tile out of the mobili mini and up the hill to the house. Our arms and brains feel just like jello. The cantera fireplace surround was installed today - it matches the columns outside but the colors are a little more muted and neutral. After the adhesive sets up, they'll add mortar to the joints. Nick came by to estimate the amount of interior paint needed. He thinks 5 five-gallon buckets should about do it. We choose Provincial (211) stain by Minwax for the woodwork. Nick is working on a big project right now, so he recommended we go ahead and have the tilework done in the meantime. He thinks he'll have our house completely painted & stained in 3 days. The house he's painting now will take him 1.5 weeks. Jeeze, the thing must be enormous.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Haul -a- day!

We took advantage of the day off to clean up some of the mess the drywall guys left. Yuck!! Someone's been using the showers as a latrine! How gross is that? Jim started hauling out all the tile and, yes, the kitchen sink. 80 degrees yesterday and 35 this morning with a stiff north wind. That's why the olive trees don't do so well in Texas. We had takeout Turkey and all the fixins' to feast on at lunch and dinner breaks. Lordy, are we going to be sore in the morning. All that, and there are still two pallets of Sannini to move...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Naughty Alder

Tee, hee! Did I say naughty? I meant KNOTTY... While I was away at the ASHA convention in Boston this week, the cabinets were delivered and installed and the trim carpenters installed the interior doors and began work on the trim - all in knotty alder. The Selina Gold Limestone for the kitchen countertops has been recieved at AG&M and will be delivered to Alexis Granite early this week. We've selected Behr 'off white' for the walls and 'swiss coffee' for the ceilings. I know this doesn't sound very imaginative on our part, but it is in keeping with the Tuscan farmhouse asthetic. Jim will be looking for a large, deep sink for the laundry room this week, and we'll need to decide on a finish for the woodwork.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good House Parts

Things are really begining to take shape now that the drywall is going up. Team Zavaleta will be adding wall and ceiling texture early next week and we should have doors, trim, and cabinetry in by Thanksgiving. It is unusually warm for November. Today the temperature should top out in the mid-80's; but at least it's nice and breezy. The air circulates right up the stairwell, just as it is designed to do. It's called a thermal chimney effect - cool air enters through the doors and windows at ground level; then, as it rises up through the stairwell, it pushes any warm air up and out of the windows in the tower room at the top of the stairs.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Jim is working on last-minute wiring and Peg is on clean-up detail in preparation for the drywall crew scheduled for Monday. Once the drywall and texturing is done, things will be moving fast & furious... cabinetry, trim, paint, flooring - all in short order. Waldo looks on, beumused by the flurry of activity.