Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rock it, Roof it, Seal it!!

Rock. Done.
Roof. Done.
Insulation, Done.
Next... sheetrock on Monday.


Dad said...

The house is really looking GREAT,Fantastic better and better each step.

jimbo said...

Thanks. A person we know, who was born in Milan Italy and imigrated to the US, called and told us that they want to come live wiht Peg and I becuase our house looks like something from Tuscany... we knew we hit the nail on the head when it comes to our lil' Tuscan farm house. Mic and Silvia, our Italian friends that live South of Florence also emailed and said they are ready to come move in too! :) How funny.

jimbo said...

Here's another comment from a person that did a morning show with me back in the 90's.

"Your new house looks amazing!!!!! It looks like something I'd see in a Europe travel magazine! Where is your studio going to be? The top floor?? Your voice-work must be going VERY well. Deb "

Very nice comment.