Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some September Sunday

Even though the fall flowers are blooming and the days are getting shorter, summer has decided to come sit a spell. The caliche has turned to moon dust, coating every shoe and paw to get tracked in immediately after the floor is swept.

Tommorrow will mark one week since the masons began their work and Jim is working feverishly to finish the wiring. The limestone arrives in big chunks which the masons shape into just-right blocks of mustard, grey, salmon, terracotta, sand, moss, buckskin, and of course, caliche-colored wall. They work methodically and with an artist's sensibility, sometimes taking down small sections not quite to their liking.

Peg's folks stopped in to see the progress first hand. It's hard to get a good perspective just watching the pictures parade on the blog. We take a brief break with the folks at Angel's for a 1/2 pound burger, onion rings, and a pitcher of soda. How'd ya like the white cheddar queso, babies? How's that beer-battered tilapia, sweetie? Take care, honeys.
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Ted Smith said...

I am seeing it all. I now have to rewrite " In my Adobe hacienda" for there is no mud to trud, no Texas tin for roof to rust, and, ( again) more columns than the Sunday Staesman. WOW!
As the black boy said " oh! Massa! Look at de Casa!"