Monday, August 27, 2007

A niche that needs filled... for the FIRST TIME!

It's amazing how many of you actually visit our little home build site. We get call saying... "hey, where are my pictures??!?" Hey.. SIMMER DOWN NOW!! ;) Not too much going on until we get plumbing done. Stone can't go up and the tile roof can't go on until electrical is finished. Still a couple of weeks out. SO.... doing some last minute interior touches.... Jim did his first ever framing for a niche at the master bathroom tub. Pretty cool!

Also this weekend we finally sold the Vespa that Peg won and then donated to her dog rescue group All proceeds go to org. We loaded it up in the back of the truckster and bringing into town Today.

We'll snap some pics of interior plumbing this week. Also see if there are other places to put niches.

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