Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Button it up, stain and drain!

Today, the final Pella doors go up, making it completely dried in at this point. The last small over hang above the downstairs bathroom door goes in. And TANKS.... your welcome! ;) sorry, family joke... Septic is almost finished before it is covered up. The start of the wood staining outside under patios really gives the old world look we are going for. Coordination of colors between the trim, windows/doors and overhangs is awesome. It's really starting to take shape. The plumbing, electric and heating/air go in starting this week.


Ben said...

Who's "Tyvek" and why do you have his name all over your house???

jimbo said...

Freakin' advertisers!
I'm sending them a bill for a "non stop billboard schedule"!!

Ben said...

Absolutely, you should charge for that!!!