Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rich Man, Pour Man.. FINALLY!

Yesssssss!!!! Finally a break in the clouds, pass inspection, an hour latter, we are spilling concrete! The guys busted their hump till about 9pm tonight to get this done. Tomorrow they come back to to take forms off. It's incredible that they brought the pump truck and all the concrete trucks up the driveway. It was quite a spectacle. (oh.. and I got a sunburn! That's a good thing since it's been raining FOR THE PAST TWO MONTH'S!) The sunsets out here are spectactular. The one above looks like Charton Heston will come bursting out of the cloud with a couple of tablets! Poof! Ciao! jimbo

1 comment:

Mike and Sharon said...

Yeah!! Looking good! With all the rain you've received recently you might need to rename your hilltop! Awesome pics! Keep'em coming!