Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Waste not, want....not yet...

Plumber scheduled to come out on Friday to place the "main drain" for waste to septic. Next Rosario comes back out to finish up the beams in the slab, the pest/termite treatment, then finally the steel and plastic. Followed by inspections, form survey and finally pour. Whew! Say that 5 times fast.

We picked out our roofing tile color this past weekend as well. How exciting! Finally we have the remaining subs to sign up, including roofing, painting, trim and the like.

Many wanted to know the name of our house. It's, il Poggio Secco. This is Italian that means, 'THE DRY HILL' which when you see the dust that is on our hill, well, it's like walking on the moon at certain times of the year!! My father was in the US Navy and we were stationed in Naples Italy when I was a kid. I still remember that like it was yesterday. So this house we are building is truly a Tuscan house, not Texcan, or TexasTuscan! We've stayed with a couple our age just outside of Florence many times to pick their brain and view their 300 (yes hundred) old Tuscan farm house. They run an organic farm and B&B called Podere La Casellina. See their link to the right in our favorite links section. Michaelangelo and Silvia and kids have been a great help during our many years of planning stages. And yes we got their stamp of approval on the name as well. We were contemplating calling it, il Girisole (the sunflower) but knowing Texans it would come out "the gristle." Not good. Let's just see if they can pronounce Poggio Secco!! :) Let us know you visted the site and what you think!

My next move is to shave my head. It's already in the mid 90's and it's not the hottest part of the year yet!! So not having to worry about hair since I will be pulling it for the next few months, is a good thing! :)




debik said...

Yeah, yeah, that's it. Keep the details coming.
Lots and lots of details
so I don't have to work
them out for "Il Prato Bagnato" (ha ha ha).

debik said...

Well, that's what
babelfish said "the
wet meadow" was. You'll
have to ask your Tuscan
friends how that translates.

jimbo said...

yea.. we don't want any accidental translations, like the wet napsack or something! ;)

Clahookem said...

What's the Italian phrase for "Caleche Money Pit"?

jimbo said...

I think it's Terra dura della roccia che ha costato troppo!