Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweat Equity... oh yea, sign me up.

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Monday, the plumber came and dropped PVC finally. Noticed the drains that are shared in the laundry room and downstairs bath were 4 feet off! Plumber swears they've never been more than 4 inches off. Lovely. They come back on Friday to take care of any issues like this. I will be on site all day for that. Today, however it was my turn with the PVC. 2, 2" PVC's for DATA/Cable/Phone and a 1.25" for the fiber optic runs from the pump house to main house. DAMN that fill material becomes hard as a rock in a couple days! Whew! I think I dropped a couple of lbs trying to dig these in. Slab guys come back today to dig beams, and pest control contractor comes on Thursday. Trust me, there will be plenty of things that both Peg and I will be doing on this build. Sure didn't get THAT service from our last home builder! ;) ciao! jimbo

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