Monday, June 18, 2007

Through the open doors... and where to get them.

One of the things we have done during the planning stages was to pick up items for the house and store them for the build. About the time we were doing our water well three years ago when there was nothing on our land, we met up with Antonio Ampudia, (see his link to the right) and purchased our first set of cantera steel doors from Mexico. Going through a direct supplier here in Austin would have jacked up the price 3 to 4 times, so finding Antonio was great. He comes up at least once a month with a load of material and sells here in Austin around the weekends. You can see that right? Tomato's, the peach and jerky guy.. and CANTERA STEEL DOORS! SOLD! We also purchased 20 columns, a second 8 foot steel door that comes out of the downstairs bath, as well as the pictured door that we are having custom made for out little wine room. He can have what ever you want made, if you just give him a picture. We have found out that a lot of this wacky building thing is knowing where and who to get your supplies from. Antonio is surly one you would want if you needed these types of doors.
It's not raining today, so plumber should come to drop PVC. Cross your fingers! (hurry up and wait.. hurry up...wait... you get it!)

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