Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Greetings! Jim here too!

Peggy has setup this cool site for all to see and add to the site. What a sweetie!
I am finally logged on and will comment on my role in the build. Being the GC will keep us hoppin. As of now, forms are up and we called plumber to run main pvc for septic under forms.

The build is on!! Sweet!

Jim K.


Eric said...

You guys rock! I've subscribed to the feed and can't wait to see the place as you develop it.

Dad said...

I'am here and looking foward to seeing your new place rise from the hill sides. Best of luck !

jimbo said...

The mosaic you see on this post is something we had custom made, in all places; Lebanon! The country, not the town in TX. We found these people on ebay selling to people around the world!! They custom HAND made this for us to our spec's and put our inscription on it, which means: YA'LL WELCOME TO THE DRY HILL = FROM 2007.
Ok.. I made that a little Texan. ;)